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Alibaba posts strong revenue growth, unfazed by trade war
2019-05-16T09:20:38+01:00 - In its latest earnings report, the Chinese tech giant showed off top-line growth in revenue and active consumers.
Volkswagen's Tesla killer, ID.3 Electric, gets 10,000 preorders in 24 hours
2019-05-10T10:46:38+01:00 - VW reports 10,000 prrorders for its new ID.3 electric car, but that falls way short of Tesla's record.
Netflix acquires StoryBots, makes push into children's programming
2019-05-10T10:35:27+01:00 - The popular kids show has been streaming on Netflix since 2016.
Amazon's already well on its way to next-day shipping
2019-05-10T10:27:49+01:00 - The e-commerce titan's shipping network can reach 72 percent of Americans in one day. But it still has a long way to go.
Lyft stops disclosing key metrics
2019-05-09T12:21:11+01:00 - The company's explanation has some holes.
GM's Cruise gets $1.2B investment, moves closer to AV launch
2019-05-08T07:23:15+01:00 - The self-driving subsidiary gets a funding boost in its race to launch a commercial autonomous ridesharing service.
Sorry, Uber, you're no Amazon
2019-05-08T07:15:01+01:00 - Beware of companies calling themselves "the Amazon of X."
Disney's Pixar could become a new growth engine for Mattel
2019-05-03T06:41:49+01:00 - Mattel lands licenses for Pixar's old and new films.
Tesla self-driving tech will boost market cap to $500B, Elon Musk says
2019-05-03T03:21:28+01:00 - Tesla is pinning its hopes on hitting $500 billion market cap on its self-driving tech.
Apple stock jumps 4% as Q3 forecast beats expectations
2019-05-01T08:05:21+01:00 - Apple beat analysts' estimates in its fiscal Q2 report but did admit to some disappointing metrics.
Here's exactly how much Amazon is spending on video and music content
2019-05-01T07:47:50+01:00 - It's even more than everyone was thinking.
Forget Uber and Lyft -- Yandex is a better ridesharing play
2019-05-01T07:39:16+01:00 - The "Google of Russia" is also the "Uber of Russia."
Could this be Warren Buffett's next $100 billion investment?
2019-04-30T08:37:34+01:00 - Here's how Berkshire Hathaway might finally put its cash to work.
Uber's $9 billion IPO rests on drivers' 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waiting
2019-04-30T08:23:24+01:00 - One of Uber's selling points is that a driver is always available to pick up a rider within minutes. But the drivers who make this possible aren't being compensated for the time they spend waiting.
Alphabet added 20,000 jobs last year, now has 100,000 employees
2019-04-30T07:57:58+01:00 - Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced that it added nearly 20,000 employees in the last year taking the total headcount to 103,549 in the first quarter of 2019, up from 85,050 a year ago.
Survey shows Netflix could lose over 8 million subscribers to Disney+
2019-04-26T08:14:24+01:00 - A new survey suggests that Netflix could lose over 8 million subscribers to Disney+ when it launches later in 2019.
Amazon posts record profit of $3.6B for Q1 2019, warns of Q2 slowdown
2019-04-26T08:03:26+01:00 - Amazon easily beat analysts' expectations in Q1 but might not do so in Q2 by its own admission.
Huya's biggest competitor just filed its US IPO
2019-04-26T07:49:57+01:00 - Douyu, which some consider the true "Twitch of China," emerges to challenge video game streamer Huya.
Microsoft hits $1 trillion market cap after earnings beat estimates
2019-04-25T06:17:04+01:00 - Microsoft on Wednesday became only the third publicly listed firm to hit a market cap of $1 trillion.
Tesla faces 'most difficult logistics problem,' loses $702M in Q1
2019-04-25T06:05:11+01:00 - Infuriating logistics problems pummel Tesla's sales during the first quarter of 2019.
Starbucks' rival in China raises more cash
2019-04-22T09:16:09+01:00 - Luckin wants to become the big fish in a really big pond.
Would airlines consider weighing passengers? British tech startup believes it would save fuel
2019-04-20T03:49:22+01:00 - An airline is considering weighing passengers in addition to their luggage. Plus, find out another reason summer flights may be more expensive than expected.
Tesla Model S and Model X to get interior, motor upgrades
2019-04-18T07:49:09+01:00 - Tesla is trying to boost sales for the Model S and X with a series of upgrades.
S&P 500 faces headwinds but may avoid profit recession: Oxford Economics
2019-04-17T10:22:20+01:00 - The S&P 500 may see a profit slowdown, its first in nearly 3 years, but a modestly encouraging economic outlook will cushion the blow, Lydia Boussour, senior U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, said.
Warren Buffett's advice to Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Stop tweeting
2019-04-17T09:28:58+01:00 - Billionaire investor Warren Buffett gave a small piece of advice to Tesla CEO Elon Musk: "Please stop tweeting."

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