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Tesla's meandering energy strategy is still killing solar
2019-03-20T06:56:46+00:00 - The energy business is lost under Tesla's leadership.
Lyft kicks off IPO roadshow by setting valuation at up to $23 billion
2019-03-19T06:45:01+00:00 - The ride-hailing company's stock could initially trade for as much as $68 per share.
Snap might introduce a Snapchat gaming platform next month
2019-03-19T06:10:40+00:00 - Will integrating video games into Snapchat lock in more users?
There's no alternative to the Boeing 737 MAX
2019-03-14T09:56:26+00:00 - While two of the aircraft have crashed in the past five months, the long-run impact on the aerospace company's financial performance is likely to be fairly small.
Airline faces flak for asking passenger to cover up 'inappropriate' crop top
2019-03-14T09:46:35+00:00 - In a series of tweets Tuesday, a British traveler called out Thomas Cook airline staff, who she claims harassed her and verbally abused her after she boarded the plane from Birmingham.
China Grounds Boeing 737 MAX planes after Ethiopian Airlines crash
2019-03-11T06:41:43+00:00 - China has ordered its domestic airlines to immediately stop flying the Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet airliner following a deadly crash in Ethiopia.
Business with Huawei: To do, or not to do, that is the question
2019-03-04T10:42:07+00:00 - Two indictments have been filed against China's Huawei Technologies, the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, with criminal charge alleged by the United States of America.
Elon Musk gets $2 billion loan from China for Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai
2019-02-28T05:19:40+00:00 - Three of China's Big Four state-owned banks are the biggest investors in Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory.
Prescriptive analysis in manufacturing to boost profitability
2019-02-25T05:17:32+00:00 - Jeffrey D. Camm writes about how manufacturing managers can leverage their data with prescriptive analytics for increased profitability.
Apple vs. Samsung: Galaxy Fold a problem for Tim Cook, Goldman Sachs says
2019-02-22T07:00:44+00:00 - The Samsung Galaxy Fold will force Apple to respond with a similar device.
Apple could acquire Tesla soon, fund manager predicts
2019-02-21T07:06:06+00:00 - Apple is said to be targeting Tesla as an acquisition, which was what they said last year, too.
Honda to lay off 3,500 with UK car plant closure, Brexit to blame?
2019-02-20T10:13:49+00:00 - Honda's decision to close down its only car plant in the UK will see 3,500 employees lose their jobs.
Tesla systems crash over Model 3 orders In China
2019-02-20T07:17:46+00:00 - Chinese customers are flooding Tesla outlets to order the company's all-electric sedans.
Boeing's 777X will benefit from the Airbus A380's demise
2019-02-19T08:24:10+00:00 - Airbus will stop building the A380 jumbo jet in 2021 -- which should boost demand for Boeing's new 777X aircraft family.
Amazon strikes a blow in the logistics industry
2019-02-19T08:04:24+00:00 - While Amazon is facing stiff competition in logistics, it could follow the same path it did with Amazon Web Services.
Boeing Flies Ahead Of Airbus With Solid January Orders
2019-02-15T06:50:49+00:00 - Boeing pulled in more orders than Airbus in 2018, and it got off to a better start in 2019, too.
Google Is The Biggest Factor Behind Apple's Services Revenue Growth
2019-02-15T06:43:12+00:00 - And that's not changing for the next few years still.
All Signs Pointing To Google Releasing A Pixel Watch
2019-02-14T07:15:17+00:00 - Evidence is mounting that Google is ready to jump with both feet into the wearables market.
Amazon, GM To Invest In Tesla Rival Rivian
2019-02-14T07:14:40+00:00 - Auto tech startup Rivian LLC is in talks with and General Motors Company for a massive investment to kick-start the production of its electric pickup.
Facebook Takes Another Step Into The 'Social Shopping' Market
2019-02-12T06:41:55+00:00 - The social media giant's latest acquisition isn't just about artificial intelligence.
Spotify Terminating Free User Accounts With Ad Blockers
2019-02-11T07:06:47+00:00 - By March, Spotify will start to ban users who use third-party apps to bypass their ads.
Higher Crude Prices Boost 'Big Oil' Profits To $80 Billion In 2018
2019-02-11T06:28:20+00:00 - Big Oil had a good year in 2018, helped mostly by higher oil prices.
SunTrust, BB&T Bank Merger Is Biggest In 10 Years, All-Stock Deal Worth $66B
2019-02-08T07:05:58+00:00 - It is the marriage season in the American banking sector. The good news is that the first time after the financial crisis in 2007-2009, a mega banking merger has been announced. The all stocks merger between SunTrust Bank and BB&T Corp will create America's sixth-biggest commercial bank.
Tesla Model 3 Arrives In Europe, Delivery Moved To Thursday
2019-02-08T07:02:24+00:00 - The delivery of Tesla Model 3 in Europe started off nominally on Wednesday with priority for reservation holders who were awaiting the car for long. Some unexpected snags, however, affected the promised delivery to all the buyers invited. More deliveries will happen on Thursday.
Tesla Model 3 Price Drop: Cuts $1,100, Moves Closer To $35,000 Target
2019-02-07T06:56:48+00:00 - Tesla has slashed the price of its mid-range Tesla Model 3 luxury all-electric sedan by $1,100.

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